Saturday, 18 November 2006


Lotte never sang in tune. She loves singing and can sing the melody but mostly out of tune...

Yesterday however she started to sing in tune.
She was sitting in the back of the car with her brother - (who's 5 years older) and together they continously sang the same song..

(We said it before.. she is so fortunate with 2 older siblings....!!)

So this is coming into place as well.
Sometimes one feels one cannot ask for more, since the whole technology is allready giving soo much, and then this happens.
Another milestone.


Laurie said...

Awesome! That is so encouraging. I hope to be able to sing a WHOLE song in tune someday and would like to take voice lessons. Thanks for sharing!

Laurie in TN

Isaac's Mom said...

How incredible! Lotte is so precious. This technology is simply amazing.

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