Sunday, 26 November 2006

Visiting the preschool. Communication.

One of Lotte's best friends, Tone, visited her at her kindergarten. Tone was Lotte's speech therapist for 2 years in the "deaf" preschool/kindergarten and they really bonded. Then she started working elsewhere, and Lotte went to the new kindergarten.
We still have good contact since we all became good friends. Also, she now works close to the university, where Marieke now studies.

In her new job, Tone is still connected to Lotte, but in another setting.
This allows her to get involved, and this happened last week.

Lotte was allready informed and she was very excited to see Tone.
Tone lead a "gathering" where all the children are together and everyone is involved.
She explained sign, the colours, and as allways, the children loved it. (I still have to meet a child that is not entrigued by sign) She used sign throughout the whole gathering.
And this showed the gap between Lotte and the rest of the children.
Lotte was 100% focused and got everything. This is not the case when only spech is used. She still has to get more exposure so in a normal gathering she loses focus quickly due to the lack of understanding. Not when sign is used together with speech.

In a know situation she will be fine. When it's lunchtime, she knows the routine and has more control over what's happening. Outside these standard situations she will be less secure because she will have more problems understanding what's going on.
The "problem" is likely to be due to a lack of understanding speech, but a large part is comprehension. She does not have the capacity to think like a 4-5 year old child.

But it will come. With speech the comprehension will follow.

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