Sunday, 10 December 2006

Prelude to "Shut Up"

Yesterday, saturdag, lying in bed, sleeping in.... suddenly a knock on the door.
Lotte, getting bored watching TV with her brother and sister, insisted on chatting with us.
And there was lot's to chat about. Not going to the kindergarten, grandma coming today, after the theater-play, etc.

So she's chatting away, explaining about stuff... most we understand.

But then, when I tried to say something to her, the reply I got was "Quiet, daddy.... I'm talking to mommy"!!!

Well, there's the prelude to "shut up" for you.....

But we had to laugh soo hard, and Lotte with us. She loves the attention and is happy to play the act..

1 comment:

Mous said...

Dezelfde ochtend...
Ik lig nog alleen in bed, komt Lotte naar me toe:
"Mamma uit komen.."

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