Saturday, 16 December 2006

Writing skills...

Today it's official - to us anyway.
Lotte can write her own name. And she's just as proud as we are.

Before, she would identify allmost all characters in the alphabet, but based on persons she new. So "L" would be "Lotte", "S" would be "Sanne", "T" would be "Tone" etc.
But today, she wrote her name and pronounced just the character.... "L", "o", "t" and "t" and "e"....
The connections have been made. Not bad for a 4½ year old with only 2 years of sound.

Another "task" she manages now is controlling the computer mouse. A year ago, we would have to click for her, but now she has the fine skills to control the position of the mouse. To us it seems so natural, but when one looks at a child that doesn't get it, one realises that it requires some synapses.

Otherwise, as the picture shows... not really X-mas weather. It's still 10ยบ celcius outside. Unheared of... but it's the same in the rest of Europe.. Records everywhere.
I'm sure a small change in wind-direction will throw us straight into winter.

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