Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Cochlear Implants - A Technical and Personal Account

A very interesting overview of hearing for those who are interested.
Got it on AllDeaf from Boult. Thanks !!

Install the files as instructed and be amazed. It's a big file (50 Mbyte), but worth the waiting...

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Cloggy and et al, You may be interested in viewing this PP slides..
It is windows only... Ian Shipsey's Colloquium "Cochlear Implants a Technical and
Personal Account" (he has CI, a Medel Combi as per his page;
Ian Shipsey's Web Page )
Go to
IanShipsey's Colloquium "Cochlear Implants a Technical and Personal
to read direction to view his Colloquium via powerpoint.
For information about his Colloquium;
Professor Ian Shipsey

(as for mac user, just click that says "View other files available for download" and get all files except for those ".exe" and start with "cochlear_implant_physics_colloquium.ppt"
be advised that may be some error loading that powerpoint file in Keynote (part
of iWorks) )


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