Monday, 1 January 2007

Argumentation starts....

Yesterday, Lotte had cleared up her room but had left some clothes lying around.
When her mother came in, she mumbled about the clothes, and then Lotte said
"But mommy, look - cleaned up!!"

One of the first times she has argued in her defense.
Other things pop up. How simple tasks are now interpreted. Her mom asked her to get a bag for the needles of the christmas tree. She normally would use plastic shopping-bags and knows where they are. But for bio-degradable waist we use special bag. Located on a slightly different place...
She drew her own conclusion, and brought back the correct bag.
Later on her mom asked for bags to put the christmas-tree lights in. She asked for 3, and Lotte brought back the correct bags AND the right amount.
In a way, this is not remarkable for a 4½ year old, but we have allways noticed that compared to other children of her age, she understood less. Not directly because a lack of communication, even though that has allways been there, but more because "normal" hearing children will pick up so much more information by just listning, by being part of the situation, that they "mature" quicker.
This maturing is now happening in Lotte as well, and it is directly linked to understanding speech. She is making good progres. Much to do with the (all-hearing) kindergarted she is in now.

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