Monday, 12 March 2007

CI - in the morning... is it working ??

(btw.. Lotte doesn't have this at all. No blinking whatsoever. Just "plug and play"...)

A nice tip on CiCircle - the Yahoo group..

OK, I just watched this short film that I think might be the best film about cochlear implants ever.
It is very funny and it will explain why some kids don't like to put their processors on in the morning. Or maybe I just have a strange sense of humor.
(It's also a great demo on how to fix an Advanced Bionics T-mic.)

Warning: the lyricsof the background music are probably not child-appropriate.


It is a great movie and the powerful "hookup" will possibly be valid for some CI-users.
Lotte is not affected like this when she puts her CI's on in the morning. Not a blink!!

But I like the way deafness is shown; just the heartbeat is "felt", no other sounds. How the hearing is turned on, and the tap that was not heard before can now be heard.
How only part of the song is understood with only 1 CI, and when the other one comes on, there's definitely something wrong.
Love how the repair is visualized, and how in the end, the guy can hear those beautiful words... "I love you!"

Have a look, and enjoy !!

(YouTube version below.)


Dy said...

I'm going to have to add this video to my blog - it is just fantastic! I was laughing through it because when I first had my CI activated, I remember those first few minutes when everything sounded too darn loud! Now it doesn't bother me at all, but it took a bit of getting used to. I LOVED the toolbox!!!

Morten said...

My daughter Anna never takes off her processors, except when they need to have the batteries replaced or when she's taking a bath :-)
She falls asleep listening to audio books or music every night, and wears her processors all night. I have tried to remove them when she's asleep, but that just wakes her up, so I have decided to let her decide ...

I have often asked her about whether there are any noises when she put on the processors, but she insists that she doesn't hear any such noises.

I discovered your blog today, and now I can't get to bed before I have read it all !!!!

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