Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Bedtime ballerina

Lotte had gone to bed and was allowed to read a bit before falling asleep.
Suddenly I heard Vivaldi's Four Seasons and wondered where that came from. In her bed, Lotte was lying on her pillow, playing with a little musicbox.

When you open it, a little pink ballerina will do her pirouettes. Lotte was carefully following the ballerina's movements with her index-finger, totally oblivious of the fact that there was music involved.

I went into her room and put one coil of Lottes CI to her head .
You should have seen the sun and the stars that came through! That smile said more than a thousand words, and will probably be one of the most beautiful ones I will ever see.

O, blissfull motherhood........



Laurie said...

How beautiful! Maybe she will be a real ballerina someday!

Mom to Toes said...

Thank you so much for posting this!

The story brought tears to my eyes. I can picture the two of you at that moment.

I think this is an event only a mother would fully understand. I am so glad that you got to share this moment with Lotte.


Jason said...

I remember when Tom first came home after recovering from meningitis - he pressed the buttons on his musical toys and, when he couldn't hear anything, asked me to 'fix them' (change the batteries).

I like to imagine that he thought his silent period was just a period when the world's batteries went and, since getting his implants, normal service has been resumed.

Karen said...

What a blissful "Mommy moment!"

Morten said...

Nice ... I could not help to wonder why your daughter takes off her processors at night. My daughter has two implants like Lotte, but since the very first night she clearly wanted to hear even when she was sleeping. I we took off the implant(s) before she fell asleep, she would complain a lot until we gave it back. When we tried to remove the processor or simply remove the coil from her head, she would wake up and complain about the loss of her hearing.

Cloggy said...

Nice to get some comments from you.
About taking the CI off... it has just been that way. When going to bed, we sing, read, talk, and then we take the CI - or better said, we ask for it. Sometimes Lotte gives it to us because she wants to read & sleep.
Also in the morning she's fine without sound - until the rest of us wakes up. Until that time she will happily chat along. Being deaf is not stopping her from chatting.

Again, nice to hear from you, and I look forward to hear more about your daughter.
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