Monday, 2 April 2007

Lotte's dollshouse

As allways, each morning Lotte is up before anyone else. Not being allowed to wake up the others, she will play in her room. Reading her books, playing with the duplo, putting on her clothes... plenty to do before the rest wakes up.

Yesterday she went out of her room, and started playing with the dolls-house.
It's right outside all the bedrooms, so we can hear her.

Complete role-plays are performed. Dolls are instructed what to do... by Lotte and by the other dolls... and remember, she's deaf as she is doing all this.
Her CI is not on !!

In addition, she speaks Norwegian as she does all this. All other conversations in the house are in Dutch, but by herself she'll use Norwegian.

We have seen this before with the other children. They learn - or duplicate - these games in the kindergarten and they will use the language that is used at the time. In fact, they will even use the appropriate dialect. Not the raw, local dialect, but the sofisticated dialect that one hears in Oslo and a lot on TV....

It's all explainable, but still.... our girl... completely deaf, and playing in Norwegian.....

It's great!!

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Jason said...

I can really understand your excitement - Lotte is making wonderful progress!

How we long for quiet time in a morning while Tom plays on his own without waking us up!

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