Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Listning in before bedtime..

Bedtime again,

Lotte got orders to get upstairs and put on her pyjama's. We remove the little BTE-bags from her shoulders so that she can take her sweater etc. off, and up she goes.
Up she goes, and - after a while - down she comes down stark-naked. Talking on the stairs to us about reading. (remember, she cannot hear anything now)
We tell her to go back upstairs and get dressed... of course she comes down and comes to us... what parent can resist their little (naked) angel.... we can't..

So, we explain again what she should do. She tries to read our lips but realises she's missing too much.
Then, she picks up the CI (BTE in the bag and the coil) that we left on the table after we took it off, and puts it on. Now she can hear again.. !!
Imagine this... this little angel with the coil on her head, and the BTE dangling from it on a 6" wire. It was great and she enjoyed it as well. Picked up the second one and there she was, with a big smile...

It is the first time she has done this. Normally, in the morning, she cannot reach the BTE's and even if she does, someone has to pin them on her colothes.
Now, she just took them and "put them on"....


Mom to Toes said...

How sweet!!!

What amazing confirmation of Lotte's joy in being part of the hearing world.

We sometimes remove Erin's processor when she needs some quiet time. She has been known to toddle off to her room where we keep it, and bring it back to one of us to put back on when she is past her tantrum.

What little miracles are our girls!

(I am glad to see an update on the blog!)

Mom to Toes

Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...


My name is Isabelle and my son Kauan is profoundly deaf. He's getting his cochlear implant in September!! We are bilingual, (portuguese and English) and I see that Lotte speaks two languages too! I wanted to ask you if you noticed any delays in her speech because she's bilingual and how her learning process was!!! Did you schedule certain times for each language? Did she pick up by herself?? What about Auditory verbal therapy???
I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but I really wanted to know how that affect the child with an implant!!:0)
If you like you can email me, izbataglin@gmail.com!!

Thank you so much!

Karen said...

Aww, sounds like your girl is growing up!

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