Sunday, 20 May 2007

New batteries!!

Funny thing today, showing how in one way CI is part of life, in another, how we are focused on keeping her hearing....

Lotte came to us and said "new batteries" so we went straight for the batteries for her CI....
I asked her, "which ear", and she showed me ..... her toy..... !!!

Normally we change out the batteries on both BTE's at the same time (once every 3 to 4 days) but last time we forgot to put the used ones away before opening the new packet. There we were. Two times 3 batteries, and we forgot which one were new... (Tested the voltage... all 1.5V, tested the amps, all 0 mA)
Needless to say, they got mixed up on one of the BTE's.
Therefore, a "lack of power" was anticipated. (Hence, me asking what ear was not working.... just to make sure.)

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Philip. said...

Moving blog!

I found you randomly, but will be back for more.

Why not come and say hello on mine :-)


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