Friday, 15 June 2007

A heart for Lotte...

Every week one of the children in the kindergarden gets a heart from all of the other children.
They think of all the thing the child is good at.

A wonderful way of putting a child in the spotlight and highlighting the good stuff.
Today it was Lotte who got the honours... She got a beautiful heart with on it:

She was so proud of it, as all children are. It's a great honour and the message is passed along quickly. (One of the children allready informed Lottes mother before she had even seen Lotte...)
Anyway, the heart is carried close to the heart, and reads:

Lotte is good at going on walks,

Lotte is really cool,

Lotte is sweet,

Lotte is good at "perle" and drawing,

Lotte is good at gymnastics,

Lotte is good at climbing and sliding,

Lotte gives good hugs,

Lotte is good at playing with others.

(The picture looks like a mug-shot.... :-) This is straight after she got home from the kindergarden..Guess the combination of sand, sun and playing in it for 8 hours has it's effect....)

She's so at the right place over there... it's just great.
Next year - well, August, she'll move up to another class with children that also will be going to school the following year....

With the support she will get there and the creativity they have, she'll do great.!

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