Monday, 18 June 2007

Telephone Milestone...

In the weekend, Lotte's mum was visiting a friend and took Lotte's sister with her.

Of course, in the morning we still call to say "Good morning" to each other.

Lotte was in the bedroom when I was talking to my wife, and insisted to speak with her.

Normally, we would use the speakerphone, but the one in the bedroom doesn't have this feature, so.... I gave her the phone and put the earpiece close to the CI.

And... no problem. My wife asked simple questions, and Lotte understood it all without any problems. (or better said, with just as much problems as in one to one conversation..)
Of course Lotte was proud to finally use the telephone as all others do, and enjoyed the time on the phone.... sometimes putting the earpiece close to her ear, which - with the processors on her back - does not really help...

Another milestone.... and a big one.


Drew's Mom said...

I love this story! It is so encouraging to see how well she does! What a wonderful moment for Lotte - and you and Mom.

Mom to Toes said...

How wonderful!

Erin is fond of playing with our mobile phones and often walks around the house with one to her ear jabbering away.

She doesn't quite get the concept just yet.

Lotte is such an amazing young lady.

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