Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Chatting away..

It's summer.. and we are visiting our family in Holland. (O.K. The Netherlands...)

For the kids it's great to be in grandma's house. Exploring the village, and, especially interesting, meeting the new neighbours.

Especially for Lotte (and therefore also for us) it's great, since across the street there's a girl of Lotte's age (5), and next door a girl that's two years younger.
It's facinating to observe where Lotte is standing between the two.
Language-wise, she's at, even a bit below, the level of the three-year old, and behind the 5 year old, but she is playing with both. She's leading the 3-year old, and - if it's interesting enough -being led by the 5-year old....

In addition, she loves to tell everyone about her adventures.

Be it the boat trip (a regular first conversation with strangers she meets), telling that she will go to the shops, or that she's going to swim. Anyone who wants to listen will get her full attention.

Yesterday, we came home from a long drive, having a BBQ with other family-members elsewhere, and when we finally arrived, and Lotte had to go to bed. Of course, saying goodnight is not the first thing in her mind... many people to say goodnight to.... so, she went over to the neighbour to tell her good-night.
This turned out into a long explanation about everything that had happened lately, especially about her brother and sister falling asleep in the car.
It was great to watch this little girl, alone with the neighbour, explaining away.. and especially the neighbour giving her full attention to this little girl... so eager to get her story out..

Our Lotte, she's exactly at the place where she should be... she's learning so fast, and at the same time, she's teaching us so much!!!

... She's doing great !!!

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Laurie said...

Oh! She's beautiful! I love her summer dress! Glad to hear she is hearing and talking well! Enjoy your holiday! (I always like flying over the Netherlands, seeing all the canals and green grass!)

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