Sunday, 8 July 2007

Help.. it rains...

Yesterday, all three kids were playing outside in the garden. They had been in all day due to the rain, so they were eager to go.

But the rain came back, and Lotte's sister said to Lotte that she had to go inside because otherwise the CI would get wet.

Normally this message would have triggered the "injustice" botton on Lotte since she had to go in and the rest could stay out.
But this time, she was upset because the CI might break!!!

This is a first! Until now, she realized that she needs the CI to hear, but a malfunction was never in her mind.
Perhaps it is connected with the loss of hearing when the batteries run out. This in combination with a couple of weeks ago when 1 of the processors failed and Lotte had 1 CI for 3-4 days.

Anyway, she was upset, and came crying inside. We assured her that it was OK, and that a little water was not a problem.
That took care of the little crisis....

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Laurie said...

Lottie is doing so well! I don't worry about my CI's too much when it rains. I just make sure I put them in the Dry & Store to dry out on damp or rainy days.

Keep writing! I enjoy seeing her progress.

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