Thursday, 5 July 2007

Films - over the years...

Lotte got Bi-lateral CI in October 2004, and was hooked up November 2004...
We have taken loads of film, but until now, I haven't put any of it on the blog.... The filesize is too big to transfer it.

Today, that changed. I have uploaded some "snippers" to Google-video.
Even though the films will be in their appropriate (chronological) place, I'll put links to them here.....

They will still be quite large, so have a look at the size before you start looking at them....

December 2005,
These clips are after 13 months with CI...
2005-12-20 - "Positioneren - Sanne komt thuis"

Following are children songs. We chose some in order to compare it later on...
2005-12-20 - "Poesje mauw" (18 MB)

2005-12-20 - "Ik zag twee beren"

February 2006,
These clips are after 1 year, 3 months with CI (1 month after the previous ones..)... and the result of 1 month CI is astonishing....

Some of the same songs, 2 months later.....
2006-02-16 - "Poesje_mauw"

2006-02-16 - "Ik zag twee beren"

And a short video showing Lotte using only speech. 13 months after "hookup". Lots of talk without eye-contact with me. The a teacher apears. She greets her teacher and tells her the sweater is new...
2006-02-16 - "Hei Torhill"

Been a while, and some links don't work..
I'll try to fix that.. In the mean while... this is 2006 - I think..

1 comment:

Mom to Toes said...

These are wonderful videos!

Lotte's progress was so fast!

I love seeing her in action. I hope you will post more soon.

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