Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The CI stays on!

One of my wifes hobbies is playing the piano, and during our stay in Italy (without the kids - we can recommend that..) we witnessed a concert in Siena, on the Piazza del Duomo / Piazza Jacopo della Quertia, by Ludovico Einaudi. A magical concert, where he played beautiful easy-listning music. One of them was "Le onde". I managed to find the music and downloaded the score.. Ever since, the music has been part of our house. Wonderful..

At least, up to a couple of days ago. My wife started playing, and Lotte said "Mommie, it hurts."
My wife realised that the sounds were coming in too strong, and played softer, but with the same result, actually, Lotte became upset.

Previously when she heared a sound that "hurt" (which happened rarely) she would have taken the CI off and continue with what she was doing; so my wife suggested this.
But this time it was different. No way was she going to take off er CI.

Appearently, there's a wish to have sound around her. When there's activity in the house, she probably wants to hear what's going on. She wants to be part of it, perhaps even be immersed in it.

But anyway, whatever the reason, it is something new. A new step, or phase in her life...

The CI stays on!!

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Karen said...

Hi! Would you be interested in sharing a story about Lotte in the next issue of the Hands & Voices Communicator? You can email me at parentsofdeafhoh at aol dot com.

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