Saturday, 18 August 2007

Cued Speech

Sometimes, things just happen to you, to us.
Like in March this year, (And I found out even before that, in October 2006) there was a topic on AllDeaf about Cued Speech. A video in there that can be downloaded from YouTube, giving information about Cued Speech.
I looked at it, and was touched by it, but with my wife being busy with her study, I never mentioned it to her.
Until yesterday, when she asked me what "CS" meant.
I explained, and showed her the video. (See below.)

That struck a cord - big time.
The most amazing thing is that it does not exist in Norway. The information available comes from USA, UK, France and Spain (but I'm sure there are many more countries with lots of info) and shows that it has been used in The Netherlands and also in Denmark. But still.... we never came in contact with it.

So, the last couple of days, the search is on, and my wife is teaching herself CS !!

Some links to more info..
Cued Speech Info
BATOD article (The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf)


Mom to Toes said...

I am ashamed to admit I had not paid very much attention to the CS discussions and hadn't bothered to watch this video prior to this post.

After watching, I am SO intrigued!

As Erin's language is developing, I am noticing that she misinterprets fairly often.

For example, the words "Emma" and "Grandma" are interchangeable to her. It has morphed into a word that means "Female I like to play with".

I think this is because the words sound very similar to her. And the lip formation when saying the words is not that drastically different.

Could Cued Speech be the key to helping her understand these subtle differences in language?

loml said...

mom to toes - Yes CS would show her the difference visually,for one. For instance Emma starts with a vowel...the handshape would be 5 at the chin. Grandma starts with a consonant, 7 handshape at the side. She would see the difference.

Warm regards,

Cloggy said...

For my record, the Alldeaf topics:
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Cued (2007-01)
Video - Cued Speech (2007-04)
Cochlear implantation and cued speech internationally (2007-06)
Cued Speech: Your Unasked Questions Answered (2007-06)
And he was cued (2007-07)
Across the pond (2007-08)

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