Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Theory of Mind

Theory of mind is one of the things that is getting more and more attention with us.
Lotte does not have it yet. She would be on the phone and assumes the person on the other side can see what she sees. Or yesterday, she was in another room, actually, 1 floor up, and had to look for a yellow box. She kept asking "is it this one", "this one", assuming that we can see what she sees.

I found an article on Theory of Mind with a good explanation that I want to post here as well...

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R2D2 said...

I find this very interesting. I saw a BBC documentary on child development last year and they covered theory of mind in one episode. I realised the other day that my daughter who is four, has got to this stage in development.
I was walking her home from pre-school, when she saw a couple of school girls picking dandelion clocks and blowing at them. She turned to me and said "who are they?"
I said "I don't know. They are strangers. Strangers are people that we haven't met before."
She paused thoughtfully and then said "We are strangers to them too, aren't we?"

It really shows how early language development is very important to developing ToM from the perspective of a deaf child. I'm sure that everyone here will agree with that. Thanks for posting!

Karen said...

I didn't see this article before-- thanks for posting it!

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