Thursday, 9 August 2007

Vacation time is over...

Back in business since monday. Lotte to the kindergarden, me at work, and the other 2 children and my wife can slowly land on earth after a great vacation.

Lotte had a great time. What - in retrospect - was the biggest difference was the change in mood and reaction. In Holland she was much more willing to listen to us and agree with our proposals.
Things like how the hair was done, what kind of trousers, or god-forbid a dress were much easier to negotiate.

We thought is was a change that came with age... However, it seems to be connected with the geographical location.
Here, in Norway, things are back to normal, as in back to "pre-vacation".

Something is making here more determined to set HER ways when she's at home. And it's actually in relationship to us. In the kindergarden there are no issues. Perhaps she does feel more secure here at her own place. More free to set her own ways, more secure to defy us.
In a way her determination is great, but it is also frustrating...

Still, she learned a lot in Holland. First 2 weeks with all of us at grand-ma's, then without her parents... (We escaped to Italy and our mothers took care of the kids..... bliss!!)
As in previous years, there is a difference when she only needs to relate to 1 language. Her Dutch vocabulary has improved, and the sentences are getting better...
She played with children from the neighbourhood, went swimming etc.... She did great..

But for us, and her, reality has set in..... back to business....

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