Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wear on the coils..

With the way Lotte is wearing her CI, the BTE's on her shoulders, there's quite some stretching involved when she puts them on herself when they fall off. (Have to make a video of it... here it is)

Here are some pictures of the damage that is done to the coils. Mind you, they last
quite long. What you see is the result of 4 to 6 months.

The first picture shows a torn outer "casing" that protects the wires running inside. The second picture shows twisting due to the constant handling by Lotte. (This actually doesn't happen any more. It was from quite some time ago.)

BTW.. the coils shown still work fine. We only replaced them to make sure Lotte will not "lose sound" because the coil would fail during the day. I think this happened only once or twice in the time Lotte used CI. (3 years almost.)

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Anonymous said...

i am sure that you can live with more vacations!!! know me-wandering about whilst wondering..but back in stavanger i have time and easily available internet (thank you dearest parents) - nice to read about the little lovelies = your children ;)
love to all, i shall see you soon,

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