Sunday, 2 September 2007

She's not deaf ?

It's official.. another milestone... Today... breakfast.

Lotte's sister is putting butter on her bread.. and of course, Lotte also wants to have the butter, and is "demanding" it...
So, her sister says "Patience Lotte, do you hear me? You need to have patience!"
Whereupon Lotte says "Ja-Haaaa.., Lotte are not deaf !"

So, we have it from a reliable source!

I missed it at first.. especially since we hardly use the word in our daily conversation with her. The closest we come to it when we put the CI on, and are asking if she can hear. Or when we suspect that one of the CI's is not working. But even then we use "hear" - never "deaf".
I thought she said "dead", since for Lotte, all meat and fish that is presented she asks "chicken is dead?" or "fish is dead?"
So, when my wife said - "Did you hear that.?", I realised that she did say "deaf"...

Her language (and cognitive skills) is developing so fast now. Like other summers, it seems to be triggered by being exposed to only 1 language for an extended period of time.
In Norway, more than 50% of the time she will use Norwegian (in the "Barnehage") and the rest is spent on Dutch at home. In Holland, it is 100% Dutch.
It is not that 2 languages is slowing down her development, as far as we can see. Obviously, it is first of all difficult to compare her language with what it should be. Secondly, we do not hear her speak Norwegian a lot, since we use Dutch. Only with friends visiting, we will switch to Norwegian, and she has no problem with that either. She will happily continue chatting in Norwegian.
But, the full exposure to 1 language does seem to speed up development, or perhaps just vocabulary.
So I guess...... more vacations!..... I can live with that..

BTW.... she's deaf. It's just that she can hear... Could be confusing in the future..
Ah well, she'll figure it out some day, and we'll be there to help her.

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