Saturday, 1 September 2007

From "L" to "Lotte" - A Reflection

Having Lotte chatting away all day, and of course, us replying to her, and getting her attention by calling out "Lotte"...
Suddenly one realises that the latter was a complete new experience once Lotte began to hear, allmost 3 years ago... (Is it really that long ago - has time passed by that quickly..??)

The sign for her was used of course, but using her sign (Twice the "L" in fingerspelling.) is not used in the same context. Saying "Lotte" is now a way to get her attention. This was not the case with the sign "L - Lotte". When Lotte was deaf, you either had her attention or you had not. One wouldn't "call" her with a sign... Getting her attention would be by waving our hand in her field of vision, or tapping her shoulder.

So, using her name was exhilarating. It signified a new "era" in our - and Lotte's - life.
And nowadays we don't even think about it any more, apart from the sudden realisation that pops up.

As I am writing this, Lotte is upstairs and talking continously, playing different characters, mimicking voices etc.
There is a constant need for sound!

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