Thursday, 20 December 2007

Restoring the senses..

On one of the messageboards a link was given to audiofiles of 6 lectures.
Well worth the downloading and listning to it on your computer or MP3-player

The Boyer Lectures:
Every year the ABC invites a prominent Australian to present their ideas, and the results of his or her work and thinking on major social, scientific or cultural issues in a series of radio talks, which have become known as the Boyer Lectures.

The series was inaugurated in 1959 as The ABC Lectures, but in 1961 the series was renamed, as a memorial to Sir Richard Boyer, former Chairman of the ABC, who had been largely responsible for its introduction.

(From this webside)
This year marks the 48th anniversary of the Boyer Lectures.

Professor Graeme Clark, creator of the bionic ear, is ABC Radio National's Boyer lecturer for 2007. In this series of six lectures ..., Professor Clark draws on decades of experience as a clinician, surgeon and researcher to celebrate our senses. He also tells the compelling story of how the bionic ear was created, and provides an insight into the extraordinary future of bionics.

In the introduction to his first lecture Professor Clark provides his own overview of what he will discuss in this lecture series.

"In Restoring the Senses I want to highlight the importance of our senses, and how they can be restored with bionics. In the course of the first lecture, I hope you will appreciate the amazing way our senses function. Then in the second lecture, discover how we are affected by the loss of any one of these senses, as they are the only way we experience the world around us. In the third lecture I will explain how I set out to restore the sense of hearing. In lecture four we will learn how the bionic ear became a reality for those severely and profoundly deaf people who had hearing before going deaf. In the fifth lecture we will discover that children born deaf can use a bionic ear to develop normal spoken language. Finally, in the sixth lecture we will learn how bionic ear research has created a new field of Medical Bionics, which I hope will eventually lead to a bionic eye for blindness, a bionic spinal cord, and bionic nerve repair to help restore the senses of touch and movement."

2007 Boyer Lectures - Restoring The Senses

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