Thursday, 29 November 2007


Today two great experiences with Lotte.
It started in the car, driving to the kindergarten. At times, she asks to have the radio (CD) on.
Today however, I had allready put on a classical piano-CD in the player. (Ludovico Einaudi)
Lotte did not seem to like it. She told me she wanted different music. She told me where to find it (in the dash-board) and told me it had to be the woman.....
I found the newest album of Katie Melua, and both of us were happy.

Tonight, she wanted to play the piano. With her mother playing the piano, she has an excellent role-model, and in fact, Lotte uses the same sheet-music as her mother.... the same passion, but with different results.....
Here's the video..... enjoy! (33MB)


Laurie said...

Cute! Maybe you should let her take some piano lessons???

Anonymous said...

That is so fantatic. Music has been my greatest joy since activation. It is wonderful to see Lotte doing so well.


Alicia M said...

wow lotte is getting so big, she has changed a bit compared to the other pics that are up on the page!...glad she is doing so well, keep up the great work!!!:)

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