Saturday, 19 January 2008


Time for an update on Lotte.
It's great to see how her development is going fast. In spurs. Perhaps having guests in the house in December (Lotte's grandma) and January (friends from Holland) really show the changes.
After all, they have not seen Lotte for a while and will notice differences easier.

The differences in the last couple of months have been in the way she pronounces words ( the "R" and "L" have really improved) and the length of the sentences.
These changes we notice ourself as well, but not as profound as the guests that are visting us.

But yesterday another important milestone appeared.
A couple of days ago, when I picked Lotte up from the kindergarten, she "complained" about a boy that had hit her and poured water over her. She wasn't crying. Just upset about what the boy had done. And explaining that he shouldn't have done this. All this in Norwegian, since we use that language when in the Norwegian setting.
In the evening, she explained the same again to her mother. This time in Dutch - the "home- language"...
Then yesterday, in the kindergarten, something had happened and a "meeting" was called.
All the children around the table, and the adults explained to the children what happened, and discussed it with the children.
When Lotte got the word, she stood up, and explained to all children about other children "mistreating" her in the last couple of days and why this should not be done.
All children listened to her, and when she was finished, agreed with her!

How about that! She feels so comfortable over there that she did this.
It shows how secure she feels. And this is a result of the kindergarten as a whole, the teachers that work there and of course Lotte herself.
And she will need it..... going to school, she will "lose" that secure feeling in the new environment. There are some idea's to have one of the teachers accompanying her, and of course, we will be able to assist her at school.
But the secure feeling she has at the moment at the kindergarten.... it's just fantastic..

A big THANK YOU to all the teachers over there....


Tales from the CI Gal said...

Good for her! Thank you for the update, it so wonderful to read how she is doing.

Val said...

first of all, the various languages that she gets to be a part of, it just blows my mind how this little person can be so smart. Oh, and my four year old is still working on the "r" and "l" also. Good for her standing up for little girl would not!! she has one more year of preschool left and I'm putting that in our plan, to work on asking her own questions and standing up for herself! that little face says it all!

Ulf said...

Great to read updates about Lotte! I'll keep following her if you keep posting!
Regards from another CI-to-be in Norway :-)
Ha en fin dag!!!

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