Friday, 14 March 2008

Take off the ears!!

It's been a while since the last update. Not that nothing is happening, on the contrary, it's just that there are soo many little things, that it looks as if nothing is happening... until one looks back.

As readers of the blog might know, Lotte does not have her CI on when she's asleep. After the bedtime story, she takes them off herself in order to indicate that she's going to sleep.
In the morning.... early, as she has no problems waking up around 6:00, she starts the day completely deaf.... Only when the rest of the house starts waking up, the CI has to go on.
Even without CI she understands a lot.
Just some weeks ago, she came down after we put her to bed, went to her mother, asked a question (remember, no CI...) with normal voice, and "red" her mothers answer.
We thought about how Lotte probably still "hears" the sounds of the voices. Even though she cannot hear, her brain might very well create the sounds that are appropriate.
I read about this once, where someone thought he was HOH, until when he was talking with his brother. Everything sounded normal to this person, until his brother put his hand in front of his mouth...
Suddenly, all sound stopped. Without being able to read lips, the brain was not able to create sound!

This morning, Lotte had been playing since 6:06.... one remembers the hour one is disturbed from a good night sleep. She played in her room and the attic and around 7:30 the rest of the family got up and started doing their things. Lotte was so occupied with playing, she never requested the CI's.

Then it was time for her to get dressed. So, she went to her room, got her clothes, and came to me... turning around in order to have me take off her CI's....

However.... she was not wearing CI, but she didn't realise it. So she demanded again that I would take off her CI.... I did nothing, and she became frustrated... "Take off the ears!!" she said...
Then her mother came in, picked up the CI's hanging on the wall, and showed her the CI's.... and only then Lotte realised that she did not have them on.
We all had a great laugh about it, Lotte included....

It's wonderful to see how she is totally at ease with being deaf, but this time we got a little peak in her world, where, even when sound is off, it still goes on in her head....


Laurie said...

How cute! I love to start my mornings in quiet, too. And I do understand and "hear" reading lips, also. . .

I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch her during her quiet times in the mornings! She is definitely a morning person. I think it is so nice that she respects everyone else in the house and doesn't bother anyone.

She is doing great! Looking forward to your next update!

Abbie said...

Its 11 o'clock now and I woke up at 8, I just put my CI on. I am not a morning person :) I prefer to get ready in quiet too.

Thank you for updating, I have been wondering how she has been doing! I will be looking forward to hearing how she is evolving into her little personality :)

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