Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Another milestone..

So many milestones that will be reached when raising a child. And, even though we know they should appear, we never know when they come... and then, suddenly, after a long straight stretch of road they appear around the next corner... Suddenly, unexpected... but clearly visible...

With a child born deaf there are also milestones, some the same, some different. And with Lotte, born deaf, and implanted with bi-lateral CI in november 2004, the milestones might be the same as for a hearing child... they just are a bit further up the road... or did we just get on the road a bit later?

Anyway.... today we turned one of those corners...

Lotte was sitting at the table, waiting for dinner.. Suddenly, she said.... "Mammaaaa.... " (standard start of an important message :-) ... and continued "kniv - mes" (knife), "hus - huis" (house) etc... A switch has closed and she got the idea of two languages... And not only that... Different words is one thing, but she went further and did the same with the names of her siblings... the "Norwegian pronunciation - Dutch pronunciation"..

Something really clicked. And to repeat the slight change in pronunciation of the names of her brother and sister is another amazing feat.

Remember how people sometimes want to know how CI sounds... there are computer-simulations that will reproduce a sentence simulating 4, 8 or 12 "electrodes" and it sounds mechanical, distorted etc... I am always skeptical of these simulations because they ignore a major aspect... the brain.

And this shows it... The simulation of the same name with a different "dialect / language" would very likely produce the same "sound" when run through only 12 electrodes... The differences are small, but Lotte has no problem reproducing them... (Reminds me when she repeated the word "Aubergine" perfectly...)

Anyway... To all those out there that are inpatient... (like we still are), and who look at their children when they play with children their own age and compare them... (like we do), I would just like to say that with CI, we put our children on the same road as the hearing children. They will follow the same road, and they will have the same milestones as the rest... but still, they got on the road a little later... with a different vehicle.

And the milestones... they are not fixed. For every child - deaf or hearing - they are at different places... but they will all meet them.... and they will meet them all.

The difficult part is... being patient..


Laurie said...

That is great! Surprises come when you least expect them!

Mom to Toes said...

Thank you for this post.

Cloggy said...

You're very welcome..

Kauan Tyler's Mom! said...

I read this post all the time... :) thank you ;)

tammy said...

Thank you for sharing this and and posting it to my page. Beautiful ... just beautiful!

(Some) Milestones

  • 2013-08: Grade 6
  • 2012-08: Grade 5
  • 2011-08: Grade 4
  • 2011-03: BTE's on the ear
  • 2010-08: Grade 3
  • 2009-08: Grade 2
  • 2008-08: Mainstream School (6y. old)
  • 2006-10: All-hearing Kindergarten (4y. old)
  • 2004-11-22: CI activated (27 m. old)
  • 2004-10-04: Bi-lateral CI (26 m. old)
  • 2003-08: Deaf/HOH/CI Pre-school/"DEAF" Kindergarten (12m. old)
  • 2003-07: HA's fitted (11 m. old)
  • 2003-06: Diagnosed deaf. Start sign-language (10m. old)
  • 2002-11: Suspicion loss of hearing (4 m. old)
  • 2002-08: Born - A fierce LION
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