Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Beer en Egel...

Lotte and I (Lottes mum) were reading the touching story of Bear and Hedgehog, where Bear wants to water the little flowers outside his cave, because they're thirsty. However, he doesn't have anything but a bucket with a hole in it, to carry the water in. Hedgehog has the answers to this problem: Bear has to repair the hole with hay. But one needs scissors in order to cut the hay in the right length. Bear's scissors need sharpening. Hedgehog suggests they need a stone for that. After a long search, they find a stone, but they need water as well for sharpening the scissors. "How do I get that?", asks Bear. "In the bucket, of course", says Hedgehog.
Lotte and I had read the story once before, a few weeks earlier. From time to time it might be difficult to get an idea about how much she really understands of a story. Well, our story continues like this....

Bear and Hedgehog's story ends with Bear thanking his little friend for being such a good help (even though they have accomplished virtually nothing), and Bear hands him som flowers to put in to a vase. Bear asks his friend whether he has something to put them in. I asked Lotte whether she knew the answer to that question, whereupon she says: "Yes, Hedgehog has a bucket himself!!!!"
She remembered, and what's more, Lotte had understood the humour in the plot.
Our little rascal never stops surprising us; these are small everyday gifts that we appreciate enormously!

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