Saturday, 23 August 2008

End of the bags....??? Not yet..

Typical !
I'm explaining to people about Lotte's CI-bags, how she doesn't want them any other way, and then it happens..

She comes to me and says "Daddy, can the CI on the ears? I want to have a fat tummy."
She means - "a naked tummy" - no shirt. It's warm outside, and her sister goes without shirt, so obviously, Lotte wants to go like that as well.
However, she realizes the BTE's cannot be on her shoulders. But, being shirtless is an OK excuse to allow the BTE's on the ears.

So, to prevent changing the long for short cables, I made a pony-tail and put the cables through the elastic band as well... This way, they will not just fall off...

We'll see how Lotte likes it. Seems to be OK... Putting them back herself is not working for her. She has to ask someone else. No surprise there, she's never had them on the ears for more than 5 minutes, if that much at all.

And now no hassle with calling anymore on the phone. With the BTE's on the shoulder, when she wanted to use the telephone, we would transfer the BTE to her ear - with her permission of course.

She wore them continuously in the house, until we had to go out to the store. Then, she wanted to get a shirt on and hence, BTE's on the shoulder..

Oh boy..... what to do with little girls that know what they want ??


Cyborg Queen said...


Question: Why does Lotte has all different colors? Battery compartment Silver, one processor brown, magnet brown? Isn't that confusing!? :-)

Cloggy said...

Generally she has the brown version, but on the spool she has a black magnet. It helps us distinguishing the right one from the left.
The battery-compartment has a different color, since the old one had to be replaced and they only had silver. That was fine by us.

How Lotte will feel about it in time we don't know, but it will be alright.
Since she wears them in the little bags, the color is not visile anyway..

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