Sunday, 21 September 2008


For the most, this blog is for us to log how Lotte is doing. Keeping a record that will allow us to look back regarding when things happened. Another big part is sharing our experiences with other people. Parents that are in the same situation, or getting there, and other people that are interested. But documenting Lotte's progress is definitely an important motive for the blog.
of those things to document is Lotte using the telephone. It shows her understanding of other people's speech without the ability to read lips.

Lotte has been using the telephone for some time. (See here for some posts.) From her side it always went without problems... The other side probably had another idea of it. (And I have been there plenty of times.) Understanding her is difficult sometimes, but her pronunciation is improving all the time. Also, she is more and more capable of telling a story, or experience, in a coherent way.

The video below is one of those moments where she is very exited and wants to tell everything at the same time. She slows down later, and basically, when she is finished with her story, she puts the phone down.

It's in Dutch, sorry about that. A Norwegian version could have been possible but will have to wait until later. We are working on the English versions of Lotte's telephone conversations... it will come.. :-) (reminds me... she learned some English rhymes.... time to post them as well. Have to find them first.... Found it!)


Mom to Toes said...

I love it! She almost looks annoyed with you at one point for intruding in her conversation with her grandmother. Haha!

Shiloh said...

What an absolute doll! She certainly is growing into a beautiful yound lady. Thanks for sharing the video!

Val said...

Dang, I just realized I've been doing it wrong. I'll bet Gage would be able to hear better w/it not on speaker phone and hold it up to his ear. I just blogged about this and you can see he has trouble....duh!! hold the phone to your ear...why didn't I think of that? My brain must be out to lunch...thank you L.S.!!

Laurie said...

Lottie looks so cute and so grownup!

I like to use the phone with a headset. That way I can hear and understand with both ears.

Thank you for sharing her progress!

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