Sunday, 5 October 2008

Music school

"I want to go to the music-school"... Lotte said..
My wife wasn't sure she heard it correctly, so ask Lotte what she said..
"I want to go to the music-school" ..not so loud and clear. (We are working on talking with a soft voice..)
Many of the children in her class are signed up for this. Playing with instruments, singing. All in order to create a basis for music.
Still not sure if Lotte understood what happened in the music-class, my wife asked her "What do they do ther.?.
"Singing" Lotte replied. She is totally aware what's happening there, and wants to be part of it. (We're not really surprised.)

Of course she will go there. She loves singing and playing on her piano. She sees her brother playing guitar and her sister sings in a choir. Of course she must follow.

We never signed her up because we wanted to see how she would handle the transition from kindergarten to school.
As said before, that went without a problem. (Seems it happened overnight..) so there's no reason to keep her away from the music class. Just have to prepare the music-teacher about Lotte.)

So, another milestone. Our deaf daughter wants to make music.
And it is very touching to see her sing along with the music. It goes too fast for her most of the times, but now and again she suddenly hits the right note.
It's wonderful....
Still... lots of work to do in that area.!..

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