Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Time for an update.

Well... it just goes fast.... learning to read and write, drawing has exploded.. From stars and hearts, she's now drawing towns, cars, and this morning a carwash with lots of stuff around it. Signs which way to go in, cars that have to wait. A store next door, the road, pavement. Everything she learned recently and some time ago is now integrated in new drawings.

She loves to go to school. Actually, she wants to go by herself. Seeing herself as a "big girl" she knows she can do this. We feel differently, so we have to compromise.
She is allowed to walk by herself.... with her sister.... Not a popular option for Lotte.
Sometimes she is allowed to walk the last 100 meters.. That option is popular. She starts demanding to be "released" from the car, and after a kiss, off she goes. To school alone.
She makes sure we pass her, (..driving behind her is definitely not allowed) and 2 minutes later she arrives.... she did it HER way... Have to admire the little lion.!

Some time ago, I allowed her to go by herself. Kept her sister in the house a bit longer, so she would not catch up with Lotte, but she did anyway.
Lotte was deeply offended. Turned around, and came back home to tell me that "She wanted to go to school by HERSELF.!!"
So.. told her to go asap, otherwise she would be late... and off she went..

Don't mess with these little lions.!

1 comment:

Vivie said...

That fierceness of your lion is amazing!!

Lotte is very lucky to have you as parents and to be so understanding!!

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