Friday, 19 December 2008

Everyday miracles....

Terrible. The last update has been so long ago... as if nothing happens any more.

Far from it. We are just terrible with writing it down.

OK... here we go...
School is going great. Lotte is enjoying it full blast. And as a milestone I can add that yesterday she was allowed to go home by herself for the very first time. She has been wanting this for so long, and finally she did. First question when she got home.... "Can I go to school tomorrow by myself?"... and of course she can.  It's part of her "I'm a big girl now" identity.
So, this morning, she was dressed in record time. Like - everything on, all correct, which normally takes 10 minutes -, to go to school first, and at the same time preventing that her sister would join her. This was HER day..
Just for the record, going to (and from) school was never a problem, but she just walked either 10 metres in front. or behind us. Making sure she technically (in her little head) was walking alone. Not much fun for us.. bringing her, or picking her up....

Otherwise... she started the music class. She really wanted that (as posted before) and loves it. Her singing improved a bit. She does have trouble remembering the songs, but some of them do stick. And now, with Christmas there's so much singing. She want's to do them all. Just recently we noticed that she started to sing in perfect tune now and then. Meaning... she can recognise the pitch, and re
peat it.. YES!!! Little miracles day in day out.. 

Almost forgot... we introduced the "ears" day. In November we went out for diner to celebrate that Lotte started to hear 4 years ago... we're now in year#5... 
It was great to put the focus on it, because it is not just for Lotte, it is for all of us that we enjoy the fact that she can hear. Our little family of 5, but also extended to the rest of the family and friends. We all benefitted from it.

What else..... 
going to friends houses is no problem any more. We had the "first time she is picked up by the parent of a friend" day... No problem.. Inviting friends over, no problem. Chatting away with them... no problem. The children in her class know her now, and she is as fully integrated as can be. She has her problems with making herself understood at times, and there are things she has trouble with, but there are other thing where she excells. Just like any other child.
There is still a lot to learn, and a lot of catching up to do, but it is going very well. In her tempo, and at her terms - most of the time..

She is loving the christmas time. Opening the calender every day, the sweets, the singing
, the presents that are coming (she's sure about that).
Totally geared when we looked for the tree in the forrest.... again 3 weeks later when we went there to cut it down and bring it home. Was close to devistated that there would only be 1 christmas-tree in the house. (We would have 1 big one for us all, and 1 small one for the children..) and got totally excited when suddenly a little christmastree did appear. Couldn't wait to put all the self-made stuff in it. (the main reason for having a childrens tree..)

There's lot's more, and I will add later on, but for now I just want to wish you all a
Merry christmas, and a wonderful 2009... with even more everyday miracles.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Ik heb met veel bewondering je verhaal gelezen.

En ja, ik kan mij heel goed voorstellen dat Lotte nu zich zelf een hele grote meid voelt en het allemaal wel kan.

En ik lees ook dat jullie heel trots zijn op haar en dat het na ruim 4 jaar dat zij kan horen zo veel kan.

Ik hoop dat er nog veel meer uit komt voor Lotte !

Ik wens jullie weer net zo veel geluk en wondertjes in dit nieuwe jaar.

Groet, José

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