Wednesday, 7 January 2009

.."Goodby tree, I'm going to school..."

The crazy month is over. The normal routines are picked up again and life resumes it's normal pace. 

For Lotte the safe routine of school. With the added treat of walking alone to school. Nobody dares to accompany her anyway. She would tell him or her off. Shadowing does not work. She figures that out as well. So, we let her go without knowing what happens between our house and the school. It's only 300, 400 meters, but still. 
We tell her to be careful, look at the cars, walk quickly.... and she nods, looks us in the eyes... and ignores it all.... Her main goal is "Getting to school"... all the rest around it is just static.. 
We know she arrives safely.... because no news is good news in this case. And, when we pick her up again... she's there..... Just kidding..... She's doing extremely well.

She said goodbye to the Christmas tree. We were going to tare it down when the kids were going to school, so we told them to have a last look at it... Lotte's brother didn't really give it any thoughts, Lotte's sister (9 y.o.) gave the tree a "air-" hug, and Lotte went to the tree. Stood there in all earnest, and suddenly we heard her say "Goodby tree, I'm going to school..."
We looked at each other and, surpressed our tears and just felt in awe for out little lion... Growing up so fast... It's great to witness it...

Today, we did her homework together.. English... Yes, age 6 to 7, they are taught a second (third for Lotte) language here in Norway.
A memory-game on the computer where cards are turned and the word is spoken. Lotte repeats the word... (sometimes answering the voice from the computer) and looks for the matching card... And children songs. It is all absorbed.... (Here't the link.. Go to "Freddies birthday")

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