Saturday, 10 January 2009

Just joking around...

Driving around, groceries... and Lotte is joining us..

She loves to go to the store...
On the way to the store she got a chewing-gum.... It's a treat as the kids hardly get one.... Only on long journeys... and when they are lucky, like today. At the end of the trip the chewing-gum is thrown away.... Part of the deal. No smacking, no swallowing and out of your mouth when we get out of the car. (We don't like to see them go around looking like goldfish on dry land... I know, we're terrible parents.... poor kids..)

Anyway, on the way back, Lotte quickly requested a chewing gum, and again she was lucky.... and happily started chewing..
While driving we told her a couple of times to close her mouth while chewing.... and suddenly.. she said.... 
"I swallowed it"... 
That's a real no-no... and we started explain to her that if she swollows it, she will get a tummy-ache, and she will not get any more chewing-gum.....
It didn't make an impression on her.... No panic reaction due to the vision of never having chewing gum again.... she just took the warning without problems.... No panic whatsoever.... something was not right....

.....and then she smiled and showed us the gum.... In her mouth the whole time...
Laughing out loud because she got us!!

A great joke, perfectly planned and peformed.... 
... something she would not have been able to do 6 months ago. She's growing up fast... 

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Laura's medical journey said...

awww bless
laughter is the best sound isnt to come from a child. which can be hard when you are deaf thats where the ci is brilliant and brings it all back :D

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