Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Drawings and numbers..

Parents will identify with this...
It looks as if nothing happens, and suddenly you notice the change. Actually, you don't notice the change. You remember suddenly that something is completely changed since a while ago.
When it happened, how..... you have no clue when it happened, but it's there..

We noticed it with drawings. Suddenly the pictures she made had changed. She even started copying drawings. She chose a DVD of "Mamma Mia" and started drawing the arch and the person underneath it. Amazing. New!!
But other pictures have evolved as well. More structure, copying, or redrawing the same figures.

And numbers are the thing now. She knows them, counts happily to 100, and at school they are counting money. Adding a bit, changing 10 into smaller pieces like 5's and 1's.
Then then we thought to make her remember our telephone number. 8 digits...
Actually, the cellphone of Mouse. Estimated time to make her remember, 3 days....
So, we wrote down the number.... she dialled.. well, pressed the keys, and "bliss" the mobile phone rang.. Magic.
DId it again.. Fun game. And another time.. Lotte liked
Actual time to remember it... 5 minutes.... She's good!! All this was before she went to school.... She still remembered it when she came home from school.. Photografic memory?
Next day the home number was established... We'll leave it at that for now..

All in all it demonstrates again the importance of Lotte going to school. Even though she is still behind in some social things, the learning at school is helping her with catching up.

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