Tuesday, 10 February 2009

BTE irritating you, falling of... Using the BTE on the shoulder..??

Have a look here, on Kyley's blog 

It's still a rough setup, but have a read through the blog on why the BTE's for her daughter are now on the shoulder..

btw.... "pouches" is a much better name than bags....
Then again... the ones we use looked like "bags" compared to these beautiful "pouches"...

Have to start using "pouches" instead of "bags".! :-)


Dyniece said...

Those pouches are so pretty! Did Lotte's Mom make them?

Cloggy said...

Ni, Alyssa's mother made them. I met her on Facebook.

I suggested the pouches (then called bags ... pouches is much better...) and she loved the solution, as you can read in her blog.

How are you doing? Hanging in on AllDeaf?

Dyniece said...

I still sometimes view AllDeaf but not that much lately - just been too busy.

Vivie said...

Hello Cloggy..Kyley's sent me some pouches too..they're great! the best part is that my problem with CI has been solved..I love them!

How is Lotte ? you rarely write on the blog lately..

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