Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well, Lotte finally had her first session with the new speech therapist.

2 years ago.... this was a huge problem. Lotte refused to cooperate with the new person in the kindergarten, and we had to sit in in order to have some progress. Took about 4 months for her to soften to her.
This time... Bliss.... No problemo.
Lotte was totally at ease, chatting away, had lots to tell....

She amazed the therapist, and her mother as well, with her speech. Yes, also her mother. She was there and realised how much Lotte had developed her Norwegian. (For those just checking in.. at home we use Dutch, but obviously, at school, the children are immersed in Norwegian)
We normally don't notice, and even so, the changes are from day to day. Quite subtile, until one is confronted with it.

Games were played, and when Lotte needed to count something, she counted in English.. Another surprise for the therapist.. She asked if Lotte knew any English songs... - No problem.

It went very well, exceptionally well probably, and for the next time there will be more difficult puzzles and games I guess....

Our little fierce lion conquered another heart.


susannah said...

i LOVE the last sentence. :)

cloggy said...

Thanks :-)

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