Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A peek in Lotte's world...

Imaging this....
Early in the morning... Kids got up and the discussion is about being able to sleep, or about waking up.. Not sure..

But suddenly Lotte says "I can't sleep because I can hear Jelle speak when I try to sleep, he wakes me up..."
So we smile and say "You cannot hear when you are in bed because you have no CI on. You cannot hear."
Long silence, and then a big smile. She realized that she needs the CI in order to hear.

This morning a similar incident.
When she wakes up, she needs to come to us in order to have the batteries inserted (rechargeable) and the BTE pinned to her shirt.
She knocks... and waits.. (for nothing.. she's deaf) and then comes in.. We pretended to be asleep... She goes out, knocks again (harder) and comes in again...
Then she tells us: "I knocked, and then you should say "come in" !.."

She is tuned in for hearing.. With or without CI...


Tom's mum said...

Tom says similar things but more in line with a four year old boy's imagination! Yesterday he told me he now likes his bedroom door open at night because the monsters talk to him and it's scary. I asked him what they say worried that he he is suffering from tinitus. He said they say "roarrrrr we are your monsters, we like to scare you". I asked him if he hears them even without his implants and he said yes they are special magical monsters.

Cloggy said...

There's lots of magic going on in those little heads....

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