Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lotte started dance-classes..

As shown earlier in the blog, Lotte loves to dance and sing. Together with her sister, they have given quite a few performances.. (See here for example.)

A friend of us teaches jazz and ballet at the local music-/culture- school... and when we asked if Lotte could have a look one day she was very happy to invite Lotte.
Our experience before with these kind of activities - before she went to school - was that she is very shy entering an unknown group and joining. Difficult for her to understand what's happening...

Bought the required clothes to make sure Lotte would feel like part of the group, and little ballet shoes. All very much to Lotte's taste.. After all, dressing up is one of her favorite activities.

So, with mixed feelings and not-too-high expectations Lotte and her mom went to the class.

And there the miracle started.....

No problem getting into the classroom. She felt totally at ease, as if she had been there before. No problem that there were 7 other 6-year old girls there that she didn't know. She chatted with the teacher (who - as mentioned she knows a bit ) telling her what happened at school. But she was there to dance, and that's what was going to happen.
She understood the instructions, and was very able to do it.. Looking at what the other children did helped as well.. Total commitment, whilst carrying a radiant smile on her face!!

The teacher, our friend, is English but speaking mainly Norwegian to the class... Suddenly there was counting in English... and Lotte understood that as well.. (Has had it at school..) and when some colors were mentioned Lotte got in the discussion with mentioning "Pink"... in English...
So... understanding the context and not afraid to put in a word herself.

The class went extremely well.. Lotte floating on a cloud due to dancing.. Totally in her element.. It is wonderful to see how she as grown. Getting confidence in herself and the outside world.
Without CI it would have been impossible to do this to the level she is doing it now.

The way she feels secure, and is totally open for new challenges. The way she claims part of the world.

She was still on cloud 5 when going to bed...

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Laura's medical journey said...

aw she looks sweet dancing!
yes CI gives a lot of confidence! :)

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