Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Survival skills - or just other senses getting trained?

Mmm.... Here's a tricky one..

Friends of us were away on holiday.. We're not sure if Lotte was aware of that. We didn't tell her... We definitely didn't tell Lotte when they would be back... We didn't keep score ourself..

Anyway... Lotte said to her mother "3 days and uncle and aunt will be back.."
Where did that come from..?? He mother counts... and Lotte is right.. It IS 3 days...!!

At the time I was offshore, with a very good possibility that I was coming home a week early. Bad progress requiring other operation made it likely that I would be send onshore for a couple of days..
.... but no mentioning of me coming home from Lotte...
And for the right reason... I was not send home..... Turned out things changed, and I did the normal 15 days offshore..

SO.... what's happening here.... ??
Any idea's anyone? LOL..
Our friends said "We would require more data before we draw a conclusion.."
Think we'll just do that..

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