Monday, 13 April 2009

Vacation - looking back

3 Weeks ago we went to a warmer climate for a week. We had been there before and we were all looking forward to go again. One week with nice temperatures is great after the cold weather of Norway.

Lotte was hyper from the day we told her... Turned out we did that way too early, but what's done is done. So, she started counting down. She's fanatic with that, and keeping good track of it as well. Going to bed with it (Mommy.. tomorrow it's 15 days before we go") and it's the first thing she'll tell us when she wakes up, and enters our bedroom to get the CI's.. (Mommy, today it's 15 days and then we go on vacation") All this before she starts to hear.. ;-)

But something else seemed to happen as well. With the vacation in her head, the excitement, anticipation, she lost focus.
Homework which she loves to do becomes tiresome for us (not for her) since she is no longer dedicated to it. No concentration, no trying to do a good job. Taking the easy way out.
This was especially in the last week before we went..

When finally on the move, and on vacation, she did great. She has grown so much in the last year that it's great to travel with her. Not that it was difficult before, but as apposed to previously, she required hardly any attention. Especially on the way back, she and her brother and sister were sitting on the row behind us, and we hardly noticed them. First time for everything..

All the kids loved the sun, sand sea and pool. Last year we used the CI under the bading cap every time she swam. For our sake, but also at Lottes request.
This year we did it once, but Lotte didn't want it again. She saw no need for it.. She's comfortable not hearing anyone, and we're comfortable with her floating around with her inflatable wings. For her it's just the rule. "When swimming, you put on the wings." and sometimes the rigidness the little lion works in our advantage..
Of course, another possible reason why Lotte doesn't want them is that now she can tell everyone what to do.... but she doesn't have to listen to what they say... ;-)

We had a great time. Morning buffet and dinner buffet, with possible unlimited desert was true bliss for the kids, and for us watching the downing it all... (Well, they had one day with unlimited deserts.. It's vacation after all..)

So much more to tell... but I'll add that later.. perhaps..

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