Saturday, 16 May 2009

"I have to talk to you.."

Early this morning, a recurring subject came up again.
Sanne, Lotte's sister, same school, 3 classes ahead, complained that Lotte was playing with her and her friends, and not with her own friends...
Lotte was confronted with this, and said that sometimes the girls from her class told her she could not play with them...
Ouch...!!! that hurt.... so we contacted the teacher and asked her to check out the situation..

Several things are happening.
One thing is that Sanne is visiting Lotte's class as well. Paying a social visit, but obviously Lotte can do the same. So we had a little talk to Sanne and agreed that she would not visit Lotte's class for the time being.
Lotte was also confronted with her behavior of going to Sanne to play and leaving her own friends behind.
We called Lotte: "Lotte, come here, I have to talk to you.."
She was told that she shouldn't do this any more. Lotte listened, repeated, and went straight out the door to the trampoline..
A bit later she came in again, and said to her mother: "Mummy, I have to talk to you....
Why can I not play with Sanne??"
We gave the sophisticated answer "Because the teacher had said so..." (More authority than we.. :-) )
"Oh... OK" was the reply... and life continued...

Another thing that was observed is that actually kids did ask her to play, but Lotte chose not to participate..
This can have different reasons. Perhaps she really doesn't want to play with them, but more likely, she anticipated that she will not be able to follow the games the children play and therefore doesn't start..
With the delay she has - cognitive - I can imagine that this creates a problem sometimes. A lot of things that are second nature to those children are new to Lotte. And it will take time before that gap is closed.. She will catch up but it will take time....

Patience - I guess...

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melissa said...

iT'S GREAT they both wanted to spend time together but not about where Lotte's doesnt seem to want to play with her friends. I hope the situation is better now!! How's Lotte doing?

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