Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Good signs...

It's been a long time... again... I should improve on keeping the blog update more.
Because.. lot of stuff is happening... Lotte's days - and therefore her experiences - are mainly at school and the "SFO".. the organisation that takes care of the kids after school. (from about 13:30... )

Of course a lot is happening at home as well, but when you think of it, she starts fresh at school, and gets more and more tired during the day. When she comes home, she wants to play with friends, cycle do homework, talk to us... but she already had a long day...
But it's at school where she's doing the hard stuff. Interacting with other children. Paying attention in class. Mastering the subjects... Quite a challenge for a girl that was born deaf, and started hearing 2 years after she was born. There's a lot of catching up to do.
At times, we can see how well she's doing. Some times we can see how well she's doing despite her situation. Some times we can see how things are not in place.
For example, cognitively she is not at the level of a 7-year old. This became painfully clear last week when they had a performance on stage, organised by the "SFO". Lotte had mentioned that there was going to be a show. The show was late in the afternoon. Lotte's mother came to pick her up later so that Lotte could see the whole show.

Think of the surprise when she entered the school, to find Lotte on stage taking the second price.!!!

She and 3 boys had practised an act with hoola-hoops, but Lotte never mentioned that to us. She never told us to be there...
Another mother had seen Lotte perform and told what happened. What Lotte and the boys had done, so when Lotte came from the stage, full with pride, Lotte's mum could pretend that she had seen the show.
But it was such a painful moment. The first show - in front of public - of your deaf daughter that is working hard to keep up with her friends and you miss it.. (btw.. Someone made a video, so we will see her.. I'll post it here.. )
It just shows that as parents we have to make sure that the adults around Lotte know that not everything that is communicated to Lotte is understood. Lotte is great at pretending that she understands, but there's a lot that she doesn't get. This was one of those situations. It showed us that communication between SFO and us has to be done on paper. Actual, we know that, but the people at the SFO didn't realise it..
So, room for improvement..
(And... looking for a "hoola-hoop" picture... until then, the diabolo will have to do..)

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Cloggy said...

Left a comment on this blog..
.. and just want to keep it here as well...

Ah,.... the wonders of CI..
It's good to think back now and then and trying to imagine how life would be for us and our children had it not been for CI..
The first things that I always think about is that Lotte would have been just as happy probably, but the world would be so much smaller. THAT I'm very sure off..
For our immediate family to use a third language (we are Dutch, living in Norway) would have been fine, but Lotte's would is far bigger than her immediate family.
Where she now is free to talk to anyone she wants, call her grandmother (Dutch) go to school (Norwegian)... she would have missed much of that had she been without CI. HEr world would probably have been limited to the few people that know sign, and lot's of therapy to learn to read lips....
It's hard work now as well.. ( ) but the future is so much brighter... Of course, this is from the point of view of a hearing parent. A d/Deaf person might not look at it this way.
BUT... we are a hearing family, with hearing friends... Can't get around that...

Anyway.. our deaf (are they really deaf?) children benefit from having an older role-model in the family. That makes a lot of difference.
I am sure that the influence of Lotte's brother and sister is huge. It is a driving force for Lotte to keep up with them....

Keep blogging... it's great to share the pro's and cons. The ups and downs, and in the end, it's a wonderful document for our children...

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