Monday, 9 November 2009

Calling grandma

Using the telephone is no longer a problem.
We need to help putting the CI from the shoulder to her ear, but otherwise she is using it like every one else
It's great to see her waiting for her turn, and when she finally has it, she will wander through the house, (have a look here..) pointing at things as if her grandma can see her... Very typical..

She has no problems understanding the other end. When I talk to her, I know I have to get her to focus on listning, instead of just talking...
.. but that could be a female thing.. nothing to do with the ability to hear.. ;-)

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Cloggy said...

A comment on this post..

One can only be grateful for what technology is offering nowadays for our children. We went from total ignorance (Well... close anyway) about deafness and cochlea implants to having to become an expert and living with a child that has a CI on both sides..
And from the moment Lotte started to make sounds related to what she could hear... everything she said became "music in our lives".. (Ok... the first time we said "Shut up.!!" was also a huge moment..)
But like with Jordan, the possibilities seem to grow as she gets older and older. From using the telephone to now making actual music. From babbling a song to reading the lyrics and singing the melody. And, intonation is not far away.
Where will these little pioneers end up. Their hearing will get better and better over the years... Ours will just deteriorate. All thanks to this amazing technology that makes deaf children hearing... including the music..!!

December 5, 2009 12:24 PM

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  • 2012-08: Grade 5
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  • 2011-03: BTE's on the ear
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  • 2008-08: Mainstream School (6y. old)
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  • 2004-11-22: CI activated (27 m. old)
  • 2004-10-04: Bi-lateral CI (26 m. old)
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  • 2003-07: HA's fitted (11 m. old)
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  • 2002-11: Suspicion loss of hearing (4 m. old)
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