Thursday, 28 January 2010

FM equipment..

We're going to experiment with Lotte's FM equipment.
We have had it for a while, but since she didn't have problems in the classroom, we decided to wait a bit... That's.. until now. Time to experiment.

On my search for some explanations about the equipment I came across this webside..

Nice site to give an idea about using FM in a classroom with noise.
Have a try... . Adjust the parameters. For example - distance to the teacher... and the noise. Then turn on the FM-equipment.... 

Impressive demo... Not sure how real the situation is... perhaps readers that have CI and use FM may confirm that it's a good demonstration....

Some linke (Thanks Dan..)
Acoustics in classroom:

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Dan said...

Much depends on the classroom acoustics: I'll be conducting a workshop at the HLAA (Hearing Loss Ass'n of America) national convention this June entitled "From Mouth to Ear: Acoustic architecture, assistive listening devices & new room acoustical standards" with an able assist from Jayna Altman.

Very important is the mix ratio: Please see the thread at:

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