Sunday, 31 January 2010

I can't hear... !! :-(

This morning Lotte was talking about having a sleepover with the neighbours downstairs, and how her friend was not allowed to wake her..

"But.. you can't hear, so he can't wake you.." we said to her... "And... you're normally awake first..." we added.

Lotte replied... "Nooooo"
"Yes..." we said... "You wake us up every morning to put on the CI. You knock on our bedroom door.."
"Yes, but I need my ears..".. Lotte replied.

I made a little joke.. "You should knock and then wait 'til you hear us say "come in".."

"But I can't hear she said. " and turned sad... It was a big thing for her...
The first time we see her express sadness that she can't hear. At least.. that's how it looked. Perhaps the sadness came from her needing us to ask in order to be able to hear..
Anyway, the first time that her deafness was cause for sadness with her..

It's inevitable that that moment comes, that your child realises it is lacking something. And as a parent you want to prevent that moment, push it into the future, and soften it..
In our case, it's softened I believe..
It seems that the "problem" is not that she can't hear. The "problem" is probably that in this phase of looking for independence she needs us to start hearing.. and that means waking us up..

It's probably time to teach her to pin the BTE-pouches on her clothes herself.
She has no problem putting the batteries in and starting the system up.. Since she doesn't want them on the ears, she needs help to do this..
Today, we'll teach her that. We'll go through the whole process for her to start hearing. From getting the batteries (rechargeable) and putting them in the BTE, turning them on, and more importently putting the BTE's on a shirt before she puts it on...

Think her "independence streak" will love it....

She learned... Costs.. 5 drops of blood from her thumb due to "safety"-pin.

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