Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year !!

During the X-mas time, grandmother was visiting us. Always great... Like she's coming home.. Also for her.. :-) It's a wonderful opportunity for Lotte to play even more games, talk more and read aloud to whoever wants to listen... and during these times, that's grandma.

But these relaxing times around christmas (e.g. breakfast here at about 10:00) make it easy for all of us to interact more.. A lot of time spent at breakfast, and dinner which is great for Lotte to listen, speak and be corrected when needed.
Because, in a way, all communication is therapy. Asking for things at the table will teach her to wait for her turn when she wants something, to pronounce it correctly. To say "please" and "thank you" etc. And - even more important, to listen to others... That when a question starts with "Lotte" that she starts focusing immediately...
And the longer the meal... the longer the "therapy"..

Grandma is a great help, and it's wonderful to have her with us. She even started to learn Norwegian (She is Dutch, like the rest of us..) because she doesn't want to miss out when her grandchildren and we speak Norwegian with our friends.
So, here Lotte is reading a Norwegian book to her. And explaining what it means....

So wonderful.. and one almost forgets that here's a deaf child teaching her grandmother another language..


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