Monday, 4 January 2010

Hearing and speaking....

Wonderful "happening" this morning..
Woke up late, and were listening to Lotte playing with Lego outside our bedroom. Lotte would have been up since 7:30, and she comes to us to have the batteries (rechargeable) put in her processors and have the pouches pinned on her clothes.
So... listening we were wondering if she had a friend with her, since she was engaged in role-play. There was definitely an alternate voice, and it sounded like one of her friends from down the road was with her.. So, Lotte's mum got up, dressed and had a look, only to find Lotte engaged in a wonderful play.. just by herself.

Many times, people will talk about how CI would sound completely different compared to normal hearing... and fine, who can argue with that, except that here's a girl that is doing two different characters, in two different voices, communicating in a make-believe conversation...
Pretty amazing, and far, far away from the simulations you can find on the net.
The mind is an amazing tool, and apparently is able to discriminate sounds very well... even with "only" 22 or 24 electrodes..


Laura's medical journey said...

aw thats a lovely post. it shows she can hear herself and also hear a different type of voice she is doing. :) keep going lotte!

melissa said...

That's amazing that Lotte's changing her tone of voice to mimic others! :)
The CI is a fabulous thing to have, just think Lotte would have not been able to do this if she did not have cochlear implants. Times like these shows you have made the right decision :D
Lotte will continue to make you and her family proud, go on Lotte!!

Laurie said...

That is wonderful! Lotte is making wonderful step at a time!

Happy New Year to you and your family!


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